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"Just finished reading Gigi's 21 Lessons in book form and it feels to me like the lessons found their preferred medium. Gigi's writing is curious, soulful, witty and charming, a unique contribution to bitcoin, and it just feels right as a book." Brady Swenson

"This book is great for anyone new to the bitcoin space & also the OG’s. If I could give 10 stars, I would because I couldn’t put this book down." Sgt. Crypto

"A great listen, witty and well written. I spent most of the time nodding my head in agreement and a few more Sats dropped into place in my overall knowledge." Daniel Prince

"Read Gigi's book. Loved it. Will be entering the rabbit hole." ydegraeve

"An awesome book! I fell for the cover when it came out immediately and as I opened the book your style of writing proved to be imaginative and colorful yet never misses to point out facts and sources." Hodling Erik

"I love the book. Super valuable to me personally." Fractal Encrypt

"I highly recommend this book. If you're new to bitcoin, buy it on Amazon. If you're a Hodler, read the book online and send bitcoin directly to Gigi." Minimal Structure

"Your book was not only educational but also truly artistic. So eloquently combining the Alice in Wonderland references and the technicalities of Bitcoin makes it a must read. It was very inspiring to me!" Misir Mahmudov

"This book was a pleasure to read. It explores a man's learnings from Bitcoin and how it applies to life. This is not a technical read, more philosophical if anything. Very easy to read and understand." Joseph Rodgers

"I listened to 21 Lessons by Gigi narrated by Guy Swann on my Audible app. This is some quality stuff." Aldo Antinori

"Just started reading and Mein Gott! Beautiful! Thank you for this!" Uno Strawman

"Buy this book it is fantastic. Do it now." Rodolfo Novak (nvk)

"The fact that your book was about your personal discovery is what made me like it even more." Steve Jeffress

"A warm, thoughtful style that lead me to think of bitcoin at more profound philosophical levels." Exit Calmly

"I think 21 lessons is one of the best resources for newcomers to btc because it breaks down a lot of complex ideas it took me a long time to learn into easy to digest laymen's terminology. I give it 5/5" Ricardo Martinez

"One of the better books on the topic. Profound and well written." Ricardo

"Thanks so much for sharing your journey, it really picked me up where I'm at. Very wise attempts to grasp bitcoin in there, highly recommended!" Jan

"I loved this book and Gigi's account of what he learned as he explored bitcoin. The writing is engaging and the order makes it easy to digest in well segmented "chunks". Browse and consume, flick forward, flick back - perfect!" WizardofAus

"Wonderful book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and love the plentiful references." Vincent Daranyi

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